Tunneled darkness —
Where light fears to penetrate
Words fail, thoughts paralyze
Purple shadowed cylindrical dreams
Chase ellipses of imagination
To extend games of hide and seek.

Seekers suffer the indignity of ignorance,
Agonies of absence,
And rarely the delights of discovery.

Abstained vision sensitize the senses
Sharpened perception demands further inspection.
Fingers feel the laminated skin
Of marble Venuses
In state of suspended animation.
Cold reality is hard, hollow.
Perceived presence is never felt
Silenced sounds and soundless silence
Orchestrate Symphony of the deaf.

Hunters and the hunted
Join the waltz of death,
Each avoiding the eyes of the other
For seeing is guaranteed death.
Death may be invisible
But it is quite impenetrable
It will have a natural death
When every living thing dies.

Wait for that day, if you can.
Reveal not your hiding place
Play dead if found
The game shall go on.


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