Sweet memories linger on like islands
Allow not the waves of sorrow to submerge.
A sharp pain bursts out deep inside my heart
Whenever I think of you.

Those days:
The world stood still
Clocks never moved
Roads were paved with roses
Eternal spring was everywhere
You were forever young and innocent
And we played like children.

Time has changed
Along with it you too.

Against the ticking seconds nothing is static
And spring is but a season
There are summers and winters to follow
Paths strewn with stones and thorns
Lead you nowhere.

I feel for that lost innocence
For that joy of togetherness we had
Holding hands for hours forgetting everything.
You gave those most beautiful moments in my life
And I was the happiest man on earth.

That magic mirror lies shattered to pieces.
You are not the same one I met sometime ago
You look at me as if
I am a stranger whom you saw a
At a crowded bus stand on a busy day.

But there is a flame burning
In my heart of hearts
However feeble it may be
It will die only with me.
It gives me warmth during the coldest winter
And light in the darkest of nights.
Even if you can’t make it burn brighter
For heaven sake don’t extinguish it.
Let the flame burn forever.


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