Dimly lit dark night,
Iced tears in tall glasses,
Thr’o air conditioned smoke,
Bloody eyes stare –
Like wolves, for leftover carcasses,
Like dogs, around garbage dumps,
Like vultures, above burial grounds……
A lone figure,
Shakes, sways, lilts, jolts, swings, sizzles…
In, out, around tables
( Or is it Tombs?
Are they mourning over lost castles in the air?)

They shall never ever know,
Hunger, anger, agonies
Packed so tight under that taut silky smooth skin.
They shall know,
When it explodes, spilling blood and gut
On their white-washed respectability,
On their sterilized morality.
A hello here, another there,
A stroke here, a pat there,
A kiss in the air.
Every pat really a slap
Every kiss a spit on the face.

Tonight is the Last Act-
She shall strip – strip – and s t r i p
To the very bones…..
The skeleton with a permanent grin,
Shall dance, The Dance of Destruction
For this is the night of Kalika (Mother of all Universe)
Prostrate, kiss the dust off Her feet,
Surrender completely in mind word and deed.
She shall then place Her be-jeweled feet on your swollen head
And crush that inflated ego
To give a new life – a new birth.


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