A lone tree for years
I  never depended on others
Many passed this way
But none cared to stay.
Like summer you came
Covering my branches with spring.
I knew this will not last long
Better trees and brighter pastures will separate us
That sad mist in your eyes softened me
And in no time you were in my arms.
That stormy night, in the sudden darkness
I saw another face of your
A baffling transformation.
When morning came you have left me uprooted
Perhaps I was blind like all lovers,
My judgment wrong
Or have I failed to see the thin line
That divides the real thing and acting
Till this day I cannot discern
Why at all should you do this to me
Why did you love me and then leave me?

I suffered in silence, how long I do not know –
My roots are not totally out, the soil fertile and kind
In due time firmly embedded
I will face many a storms with confidence
But only as a lonely leaning tree.


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