Metal birds sing crystallized synthetic music
Encased in the plastic prisons of hi-fidelity
Along the unending tapes and transistors
Among the erasing heads nodding in deathly silence
Over the worn out recorders
Rubbing the ages of accumulated amplified agony
Exploding in the electric ecstasy
Charging through the towers in the sky
Sending lightening symphony across the void
To echo and reverberate in odd shaped ears
To pass through strange machines and cultures
To emerge as patterns with or with out meaning
To bounce back the clouds of interstellar dust
To circle the edges of universe
And to come back to the place of birth
A billion light years thenceforth
To find the whole place just vanish
Into a vacuum –
And to continue this unending journey
Across the frontiers of imagination
Into the depths of the unknown
To discover a new myth, a new God.


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