Blue sea, gray sea, black sea
Womb and the tomb of trillion suns
Where the first life was born
And perhaps the last might end.
Under those unfathomable darkness
Coldness of ages sleeps
In caskets off long sunk ships.
Ghost pirates chart routes
Among the lost continents
To loot voyagers to the Promised Land.
Victories and defeats of past battles
Lie buried under the silt of oceans
Stirred occasionally by a passing shark
Or by the sharp claws of a hermit crab.
Under the canopy of luminescent creatures
I hear the lullaby of rolling waves
That primordial symphony
Imprinted along the rhythmic heartbeats
Still reverberating like it was yesterday.

Ages have passed since I was an amoeba
Swimming in your salty warmth.
I roamed the continents
And saw the ice age pass by
When I traced back my origin
It led to you
For you alone know that answer
To that great riddle,
What was I, before I was an amoeba?


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