Along the endless rows of tombs
Among the scattered carcasses
Away from the roaring guns
Under the vultures clouding the sun
Through the smoke filled air
Walk the earth alone.

Feel your way
In the blindness of destruction
In the darkness of ignorance
From crate to crater
From death to death
From grave to grave
Look for the victors
In the ultimate battle.

When you find them
Licking their wounds
Drinking their sour wines
Gorging on the leftovers
Ravishing their captives

Tell them
I was one of those foot soldiers
Who fought in mud and rain
Who marched like goats into deathtraps
Who faced the onslaught of iron and fire
Who razed whole cities into cremation grounds
Who walked hand in hand with death and hunger
Who killed their own brothers
All to uphold a piece of cloth
In the name of a nation
A line in history
A flash in memory.


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