Mother Teresa

Mother Teresa

Painting done by me in Poster Colour in 1980


(To Mother Teresa)

Lorries laden with dynamite
Pass the bridge of hope.
Somewhere there is an explosion.
A crack
Appears near my foot.
Two drops
Fall on the parched earth.
Rain or tears?
A cloud on the horizon
Looms larger and larger
Like a mushroom ……

Vultures fly
Silhouetted against the setting sun.
Darkness crawls inside my heart,
Which has forgotten it’s beat.
In the abstract forest of despair,
Hopeless lives run in slow motion
Waiting for the morning…..

I see a light emerging
Growing brighter and brighter ……
A frail figure clad in white
Walks the battered field
Feeding the poor
Treating the sick
Caring for the destitute
Comforting the dying ….
I have never seen Jesus
But I know you are His Mother
I know you are my mother too,
And of all the suffering humanity.


In 1977, I wrote a letter to Mother Teresa and here is a reply I got in her own handwriting!

Mother's Reply

Mother's Reply

Mother's reply - Page 2

Mother's reply - Page 2


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